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Get the support, guidance and tools necessary to make constructive lifestyle changes and be empowered to achieve your full potential.

Let us help you in making ongoing constructive life and lifestyle changes.

We provide one-on-one, group, and family consulting, as well as education, evaluation, and referral services. We assist in resolving daily living concerns, building and improving decision making skills, and in overcoming difficulties with substance abuse.

Individual, Group & Family Therapy

We have an experienced staff with a long standing history of success in helping others help themselves and are committed to going the extra mile to provide assistance. Appointments are available by phone and through our web portal.

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Charles C. Taylor, Ed.S., LPC

Charles C. Taylor is a practicing member with the Jasper office of A Calling Consulting and Wellness, LLC, where he is devoted to helping others through Consultation, Referral, and Education. He has been in practice for the last twenty-eight years and has broad experience and extensive training in community mental health and community advocacy. Charles has long term experience evaluating and treating adults, adolescents, and families, as well as helping individuals work through everyday living issues.

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